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SustainaMetrix CEO Glenn Page and cChange Director Dr. Karen O'Brien interview Monica Sharma about her new book, Radical Transformational Leadership.

Dreamvisions Radio 5.22.18  

We invite you to a conversation on Designing for Universal Wellbeing and a Thriving Planet with Monica Sharma and Kirsten Gallo, head of the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Division. She holds a doctorate degree in Ecology and has dedicated her career to conserving natural resources and demonstrating interdependence between humans and our environment.

Dreamvisions Radio 11.6.18

We invite you to a discussion on whole systems transformation Jean Houston, Ph.D., a world-renowned scholar, philosopher, educator and a recognized pioneer of the Human Potential Movement.  Houston is the author of over 30 books exploring human possibilities and positive action in the world.  Houston served as advisor in human and cultural development for UNICEF, and to national and international heads of state

Dreamvisions Radio 5.9.18 

We invite you to a discussion on Being Change Agents: Who Do I Need to Be, How Do I Need to Think and What Do I Need to Do to Create Paradigm Shifts with Monica Sharma and Megan Joseph. Megan is the founder of Impact Launch.  Over the last 20 years Megan has implemented policy and systems change, addressing issues of employment, affordable housing, youth violence prevention, criminal justice reform and more.

Dreamvisions Radio 6.4.18

We invite you to a discussion on Embracing Our Identities as Assets: Interrupting Exclusionary “Isms” with Khadija Moalla, an expert in International Law and Human Rights, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Governance and Rule of Law, Civil Society Organizations and the Sustainable Development Goals

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